How it works

vr headset
How it works : 

Your sales representatives will be equipped with VR headsets to canvass wine merchants and restaurant owners to visit your winery remotely and boost their sector through commercial actions. 

Usage : 

- Acquire a strong competitive advantage when approaching prospects

- Launch commercial actions with distributors/restaurants to show your vineyard at a distance and increase your sales

Example  :  

A vineyard located in Bordeaux and equipped with a VR headset, participates to the WineParis exhibition. The vineyard catches the attention of consumers, who are curious to visit their vineyard. The virtual tour will immerse them as if they were on the site and allow them to discover the entire process, from the vine to the bottle. To extend the experience, the consumer wants to buy wine. This will be a topic of discussion for them during their next tasting. 

virtual tour
How it works : 

We come to your vineyard to take pictures to create interactive and educative virtual tours. Our wine tour can be watched on different media: phone, computer, tablet, VR headsets, video projectors, etc. 

Usage : 

- Use virtual tour as a marketing tool at tasting events and exhibitions 

- Send the tour link to customers abroad 

- Create a virtual showroom to create an outstanding shopping experience 

- Make your prospects interested in coming to see your vineyard in person 

Example : 

A foreign customer wishes to present the vineyard he discovered in France to his friends. The vineyard sends him the link to the virtual tour so he can visit the estate remotely, on his tablet. 

How it works : 

Taste wine and visit the vineyard as if you were on site?  It's now possible! By adding a QR code to your bottles, consumers will be able to visit the vineyard on their phone wherever they are. Give them an immersive experience that will impact their mind. 

Usage :

- Add QR code on the bottles' back labels to allow consumers to visit the vineyard while consuming the wine 

- Order bottles consumed remotely via the virtual showroom 

- Impact the memory of the consumer becoming a prescriber of the vineyard

Example  : 

Paul and Emma are tasting a bottle of wine in a restaurant and would like to know more about the vineyard and its winemaking process. By scanning the QR code on the bottle, they will be able to access the virtual tour of the vineyard to learn more and order wine via the virtual showroom. 

Our approach

Customized study of needs to adjust the solution to the commercial objectives of the domain (exports, referencing, exhibitions, etc.)

Design of the project model to determine the key elements for the virtual tour (winery, vines, cellars, etc.)

Realization of sky-land shots on the vineyard at each season of the vines

Editing and delivery of the virtual tour and integration of the elements provided (voice-over, videos, information points)

Monthly reporting with the vineyard to analyse the behaviour of the viewers of the virtual tour

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